• Image of The Still Show Olfactory
  • Image of The Still Show Olfactory

Mysterious, sensual, alluring...The perfume oils you've dreamed of and desired.

Each 5mL [1/6 oz.] amber glass bottle contains only the respective proprietary scent blend, made skin-safe with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
TSS's interpretation of a balanced classic, Sandalwood & Vanilla.

[Delicious On Any Sex]
The most seductive blend of Sandalwoods you will ever come across.

Les Fleurs Du Mal™
["The Flowers Of Evil"]
Five Flowers, Orange-Musk Smoke & Ambergris.

Motor Psycho™
Magnetic, sensual, a masculine blend of musk and hints of fuels.

Only this is worthy of The Regal Feline. Countless components comprise this exotic, sexy, unique & luxurious blend.

Beast Of The Field™
Unpretentious & Quite Complex. Legion of Varied, Subtle Layers.

Fruit Flesh macerated in a Thick, Resinous Profondo Rosso Syrup accentuated by Dried Flora.

Ancient Spices & Honey Amber Musk Filling Pretty Jars Safekeeping Innards.

Funeral Pyre™
The perfect mourning scent. It smells eerily like a Dark Fragrant Fire.

Sardonic Moon™
Pear Surrounded By A Complexity, The Woods By Night & Two Drops Of Blood Red Ambrein.

~*The Conjurations (Set of 3)*~
A special set of three scents in 5ml sizes at a very special price arrive to you in a lovely wood and red leather box and gingerly wrapped in a skeletal leaf with a bonus of pretty lil trinkets inside:
"I'm sure you can understand and appreciate why I don't reveal the notes in each of these.." ~Witch Sara Clarke, Creatrix of The Still Show
Conjuration Of Compassion
Conjuration Of Destruction
Conjuration Of Lust.

~*A Lil Curiosity*~
A one time special offer! This sample set of a variety of tantalizing scents come in 1ml sizes. Scents include: Blood, Beast of The Field, Descent, Canopic, Leviathan, Bastet, Ignus Fatus, Parlor Tricks and Sardonic Moon.