• Image of Dirty Gurrl Spa Apothecary
  • Image of Dirty Gurrl Spa Apothecary
  • Image of Dirty Gurrl Spa Apothecary

Indulgent, luxurious apothecary...Milk Baths, Bath Oils and more soon to arrive!


Rose Cream...Inspired by the confectionery delight of the same name, Rose Cream is triple spun with finely ground rose petals and dark cocoa for a silky luxuriousness, and laced with whole rosebuds. With a partially ground oatmeal infused of cocoa and rose oils, this milk bath is a truly sweet and sensual experience.

Grasshopper...This finely ground milk bath is subtle but also invigorating. Finely ground mint invigorates, while cocoa soothes and relaxes for a perfect balance. Kissed with a touch of vanilla essential oil.

Día...A sunny and revitalizing soak! Finely ground dehydrated organic milk, calendula flowers, rose hips, chamomile, red rose and violet leaf blended with finely ground oatmeal infused with sweet orange and geranium oils.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry...This sweetly scented milk bath gives your skin an age-defying lift. Vanilla and cocoa oil infused oatmeal soothes the skin while real strawberries and finely spun cocoa moisturize and provide beneficial Vitamin C. A whisper of damiana gives this bath a touch of extra splendor.

Nacht...A bewitching night time soak. Calms and soothes, dreamy and tender. Finely ground dehydrated organic milk, lavender, chamomile, valerian root and dried orange peel blended with heavily spun oatmeal infused with tangerine, bergamot chamomile and frankincense oils laced with whole lavender flowers.

Dragonfly...A lush, invigorating experience! Finely powdered dehydrated organic milk, damiana and mint blended with finely powdered oatmeal infused with wild majoram oil.

Pulse...Vibrant and romantic. Finely powdered dehydrated organic milk, red rose petal, black tea, partially pounded oatmeal infused with sandalwood oil, a pinch of powdered sandalwood bark and whole pink rosebuds.

(***Bath Oils are sold out!! Check back soon for a new batch!***)

*Bath Oils are made with a rich blend Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Vitamin E oils with various essential oils added.

Hathor...Vanilla, Saffron and Sugar create the foundation for this formula. Ancient Egyptian women were famous for their knowledge of and use of sugar in their beauty regimens. This sweet and spicy oil blend is kissed with saffron rock candy and Frankincense tears for a heightened bath experience.

Rhiannon...Classic and inspiring. A virtual Garden blended for a soothing bath experience. Lemongrass and Geranium oils enhance this floral wonder.

Lakshmi...A warm and sensual blend of Sandalwood and Sweet Orange with a kiss of Amber. Aged Sandalwood chips and Hibiscus embolden this soothing formula.

Iaso...A healing, comforting blend of Sage, Green Tea and Damiana enhanced by the essences of Rosemary, Eucalyptus and more. Heal the body and awaken the senses.